Deon Reed

2nd Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.


Few people knew that Deon was facing death. His body was giving up on him and without a liver transplant, he would die. He was placed on the list to receive a liver and no one could do more, other than pray, that a liver would be received before it was too late for him.

Sunday, July 23rd in the late hours of the night word came that a liver was found for Deon. Immediately Deon entered surgery for a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. This surgery would last up to 12 hours and would determine if he would live or die.

Now living a sober life of recovery, with a newfound faith and working 8 hours a day as a machinist this medical emergency, was not what Deon had in mind for his new future. But none the less Deon went into surgery with one message. “The old has passed away and a new creation is coming.

Surgery Was successful

Deon’s surgery at the Cleveland Clinic was a success, and thus far his body is accepting the new liver.

However, for liver transplant recipients the recovery time is lengthy. During this time there will be medical expenses, rehabilitation sessions, and the necessary adjustments to his living environment.

Recovering from a liver transplant most people will eventually be able to return to most of their normal activities and have a good quality of life. But, that can take up to a full year.

help is needed

Deon’s mother, Denise Hafeez, (retired) has left her home in Atlanta, GA, and has become his primary caretaker in Cleveland, OH during this journey. This medical emergency has abruptly forced his parents to live in the Transplant House away from their home as they care for him. While the Cleveland Clinic Transplant House gives them the blessing of reduced rental cost, there are still general living expenses and medical expenses that need to be covered for food, medical supplies, travel to doctors appointments, etc. Deon’s family has, and continues to help as they can, but as you can imagine this is not an easy lift. It would lower the stress of the liver transplant recovery process to know that living from day to day is not a financial fight.

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What your donation supports

Rental cost at the Cleveland Clinic Transplant House until he is well enough to return to work. Transportation to and from Dr’s appointments and rehabilitation visits, food and needed medical supplies.


Posted 9/25/2023

Please check back often - We are working with Deon’s mother to receive a monthly update and new photos if possible. We will share here how Deon’s recovery is coming along.

Deon once said, ‘Every day we have a choice and a chance.’ Deon has made the choice to fight for life and live.

Every donation, every message, and every share of this campaign will contribute not only to his recovery but also to his spirit, reminding him of the love that surrounds him.

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